Our Job is to Give You Better Prices on Remanufactured Printer Ink cartridges


Enjoy the best prices on top-rated printer ink and toner cartridge replacements. Customers LOVE our printer cartridges! Take advantage of even bigger savings when you shop high yield ink cartridges or bulk ink cartridge sets that allow you to print more pages. Now you can keep printing with lower prices on HP ink cartridge replacements, and Canon ink cartridges replacements. Find printer cartridges even for hard-to-find printer models.

 Why is OEM printer ink so expensive anyway?

OEM printer cartridges--ink or toner made by your printer's manufacturer (HP, Canon, Epson)--are all priced high to make up for the cost of manufacturing printers. Brands like HP, Epson, and Canon sell cheap inkjet printers often at cost just to get consumers to buy their product. They then hope to make the money back from the ink and toner cartridges those consumers would have to buy in order to keep their printers running later on.


How can you save money on ink?

There are quite a few ways; one is to use laser printers. Buying a laser printer has proven time and again to be more cost-effective compared to inkjet printers. Another way is to use generic ink and toner cartridges priced much lower than an original (OEM) cartridge. Just like how you've come to depend on the quality you get from other generic products, generic printer cartridges--also called aftermarket cartridges--have taken the ink and toner industry by storm, saving both home users and businesses thousands of dollars.

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